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NFL: Seikovits ready to jump into NFL roster

NFL: Seikovits ready to jump into NFL roster

At boot camp from July 21, the 1.96-meter man wants persuasion “so I can then do my part of the bill,” Alvien said during a home visit in the federal capital. The 24-year-old reached the Cardinal last year via the NFL’s International Player Path Program (IPPP), a team with Super Bowl potential led by young quarterback Keeler Murray (24).

After the start of the season, the tight end was given a protected spot on the coaching roster, but he didn’t advance beyond that. This should change this year. Having a regular place on the coaching staff may make it easier for him to be called up for the match team in the event of an injury.

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Sikovits, who has been living in Arizona for a year, will be in his hometown of Vienna until July 8

“I certainly learned a lot, a lot of new experiences,” said the former Vienna Vikings player, summarizing his first year in the United States. “But the most important thing is that now I feel more secure, I feel more confident. Last year I didn’t quite know what to expect and where and when I was going to perform. That’s why I was at 180 the whole time. I know this year it depends on the camp Training. You just have to be there.”

Positive feedback from coaches

Feedback from coaches is good. “My coach keeps telling me that I’m on a different level compared to the international players he knows so far,” Sikovic said. “Of course, the level of football is significantly higher than in the NFL. I definitely feel more secure now and really ready to make the push.”

On the athletic front, he can keep up really well, and the biggest difference for players who grew up in the States is sometimes the style of football. “They’ve been doing this since high school. There is a saying that 10,000 reps make a master for anyone. And those people get more reps at a higher level.”

Help from Zach Ertz

Seikovits speaks fondly of Zach Ertz, who is nominally the best and most experienced on the list. The 31-year-old, who won the Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018, helps him a lot. Ertz is not afraid to lose his place to the Austrian. “That would be very strange. I think that also plays into my hands because it makes him open up.” Ertz wants the team to be good. If he can help by sharing tips and tricks, he will.”

Basically, he’s already well settled into his new home. Because of the dry heat, “I don’t sweat a lot, which is very pleasant. I feel good there, but it’s not Vienna,” Sikovic said in front of the Belvedere Palace. “Phoenix is ​​a smaller city,” but it has the advantages of a wide range of sports. He watched a game Phoenix Suns basketball, baseball, college football, and even Arizona Coyotes hockey.