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NFL Playoffs - Freeze!  The Bills beat Minnie Brady at -16 - American football

NFL Playoffs – Freeze! The Bills beat Minnie Brady at -16 – American football

Game 2 of the NFL Wild Card Tour!

The Buffalo Bills leveled the New England Patriots at -16 degrees Celsius, winning by 47:17.

What a bundle for Mini Brady Mac Jones (23), the successor to legend Tom Brady with the Patriots. One thing is clear: Despite going bankrupt in his first playoff, the future is definitely his own.

This is the third duel in seven weeks between the two teams. First, the Patriots win after 14:10, then the Bills also retaliate with 33:21.

Excellence: Bills quarterback Josh Allen (25), who is preparing for the landing flood very well.

Bills have a dream: They want to get over the playoff they had 27 years ago when they lost to Kansas City in the AFC Championship game.

Since taking office in 2000, Bill Belichick has missed the playoffs only four times. Now again!

Waiting and waiting and waiting: Josh Allen seems to throw the ball away – but then sees Bills quarterback Dawson Know in the end zone. Pass – fall!

Invoices continue to function at full capacity: First an intercept, then a front-mounted binary. Allen On Knox Again – Landing Again! What a dream starter Buffalo.

The road trip continues: Devin Singletary manages the third landing for Bills. But not all is well: the plus point is sailing past. After all: 20: 0!

Double whammy also from Singletary: He also runs his second touchdown – already cheering before he reaches the finish zone. In the first half 27: 3 …

Who wants again, who does not yet have: Emmanuel Sanders scores a fifth goal for Bills. 33: 3!

cosmetic result: Minnie Brady Mac Jones on Kendrick Bourne. drop! With an additional point being 10:33 “only”.

Minnie Brady: Patriots playmaker Mac Jones, who graduated from college in AlabamaPhoto: Joshua Bessex/AP

Then collapse again on the other side: Gabriel Davis with the number six touchdown for Buffalo. Coaching legend Bill Belichick rarely beats a defense like this.

madness: Tommy Doyle scores touchdown number seven. Once again a wonderful setting by Josh Allen.

What stats: Jones hits Bourne to land. It doesn’t change the bad package for the Patriots…


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