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NFL fans are excited - Hey Taneyhill!  Quarterback Awards Titans Victory - American Football

NFL fans are excited – Hey Taneyhill! Quarterback Awards Titans Victory – American Football

For Tennessee Titans fans, there will be gifts even before Christmas! A home win against the legendary San Francisco 49ers.

Hanging at 20:17: Titans quarterback Ryan Tanehill (33!) Who else before the holidays – in such a name!

Oh Tannehill instead of Oh Christmas tree!

A festive start to Week 16 in the NFL.

It starts with a drop for the 49ers! Jeff Wilson crawls under the defense to the end zone! Everything complies with the rules because he managed not to touch the ground with his knees.

Huge movement from 49ers super defender Nick Bossa. He drags Titans player Brock Lesnar like a German suplex to the ground. The boy will be one of the WWE.

girl’s face: 49ers midfielder Jimmy Garoppolo sees himself as Kyle Gocek before the end of the box. Actually as good as landing! But his pass is too high. An unusual mistake for “Jimmy G”.

Sports magazine in Germany – a job in the NFL: kicker! Ruby Gold kicks the egg between the bars to make the score 10-0 for the 49ers.

Crazy stats on break: The Titans gained 55 yards of space as a team. At the 49ers, Deebo Samuel alone has 66 yards.

Randy Bullock brings the Titans to 3:10 with a field goal.

compensation! D’Onta Foreman moves into the end zone. drop! The kick is also present. 10:10! Everything opens again.

bitter: Before landing, an inaccurate pass from Garoppolo ensured the rotation of the ball. Not his first mistake today.

Titans turn the tables! Landing by A.J. Brown. What a solid pass from Ryan Tannehill, who has had incredibly good throws up his sleeve before.

Now the 49ers are tied! Garapolo on Brandon Ayuk. drop!

But not with Tannehill! He just runs himself! Titans are very close to the goal. Randy Bullock a few seconds left with a field goal from 44 yards. inside! The victory of the landowners.


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