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NFL – Crazy: Packers superstar Allen Lazard takes out three opponents at once! – US SPORTS NFL FOOTBALL

NFL Christmas Game Day!

A shocking message after the start of Saturday: A Cincinnati Bengals pilot had to make an emergency landing at New York’s JFK Airport after an engine failure on his way home from a win over the New England Patriots. According to NBC reports, a gamer said the ride was rough but good and landed safely.

Then we went home on another plane.

This is how the other games played on Sunday (Game Week 16) in the US:

Arizona Cardinals – Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16:19

welcome back! Tom Brady is playing at Glendale Stadium for the third time in his career – albeit his first against the Cardinals! The other two games were Super Bowls (won once, lost once).

curious: Brady has been in the league for 23 years and is playing for the first time at Christmas.

With four converted field goals, the score is 6:6 at the break. On Christmas, fans also wished for gifts of landing…

However, little happened until the fourth quarter. Also, because Brady’s not having a good day. His long passes do not find the target.

10 minutes and 58 seconds before the end, finally the first down! Posted by James Conner for the Cardinals. On the kick 16: 6. Preliminary decision! No!

finished Strick! Brady pass to Rashad White. drop! It stays exciting!

strange! Brady and his buddies often get confused in the game this season, but then suddenly have a rebound in the last few minutes. On a Ryan Succop field kick, the score was suddenly 16:16 with 2:27 minutes left.

over time! There, Ryan Succop blows the egg through the bars with a 40-yard field goal – thus preserving playoff chances for Brady and the Buccaneers!

Miami Dolphins – Green Bay Packers 20:26

The Packers celebrate their third straight win and preserve their playoff chances – while the Dolphins have lost for the fourth straight game and are now under pressure to reach the postseason.

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter. Packers playmaker Aaron Rodgers shot for 238 yards and a touchdown.

Crazy scene: Packet wide receiver Allen Lazard blocks three Dolphins defenders at once with an offensive block. Then he stands quietly – and counts to three with his fingers on the opponents lying on the ground. one two Three!

Los Angeles Rams – Denver Broncos 51:14

Champion’s second Super Bowl win since mid-October.

Rams’ Baker Mayfield once again shines as a playmaker, catching two touchdown passes to Tyler Higbee. Cam Akers scored three touchdowns.

Rookie Cobie Durant runs an 85-yard interception run for a touchdown.

Zoff after the match: Randy Gregory (Broncos) and Uday Aboshi (Rams) are fighting!


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