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Next neck blow to mr.  Kutesa leads Servet to victory over FCZ in the last second.

Next neck blow to mr. Kutesa leads Servet to victory over FCZ in the last second.

Servette – Zurich 3: 2

Credit Suisse Super League, Round 8, Season 22/23


Swiss champion Zurich lost for the sixth time in the eighth match. However, Zurich showed its probably best performance of the new season in the Premier League at 2:3 in Geneva against Servet.

Servette – Zurich 3: 2 (2: 1)

10’168 spectators. – SR San – Portals: 2. Kugnat (Stefanovic) 1-0. 21- Okita (Silnais) 1-1. 43 – Power (Cognat) 2:1. 50 – Okita (Aliti) 2-2. 95. Doolin (Waltz) 3-2.

napkin: grits. Bauer, Vueloz, Severin, Clichy; Dolin. Cognat (63 Kutesa), Antonis (76 Wales); Stefanovic, Rodlin (76 Fofana), picking (Krivili 63).

Zurich: crusher; Boranigasevich, Camberi, Mets, Yeti; Condé, Silness; Okita, Marchesano (74. Avdijaj), Guerrero; Tussen (81 runners).

Notes: Serft without Diallo, Bedia, Bahrami, Sespedes and Diba (all injured). Zurich without Sutter (injured). 64. Model Guerrero. 73. Yellow card against Okita (Foul). Warnings: 55 Okita (match delay) 57 Boranijasevich (foul) 64 Yeti (foul) 75 Crivelli (foul) 87 Doolin (foul).

Block: “It’s better to hit at the last second”

Patrick Block is delighted with his team’s last minute win over FCZ.


Bar with video highlights

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  • Ninety + Fifth

    Kutesa nodded to Servette in victory

    You can see the last result in the summary at the beginning of the article.

  • 72

    🟨 🟥 Fly Okita, double goal scorer, off the field

    Okita, FCZ’s double scorer, flies off the field in yellow and red


  • 64

    Late Sausage by Guerrero

    Late Sausage by Guerrero


  • 50

    ⚽ Dream goal by Okita – FCZ draw

    A dream goal from Okita – FCZ equals


  • half time

    Statistics speak for Servette

    Servet has not lost any of his last 29 Premier League games after leading the half-time (25sec, 4U), the last defeat being on 1 June 2013 against FC Lucerne. FCZ’s record in the Premier League this season after trailing in the first half is W0, D0, N1.

  • 43

    Power Score 2: 1 for Servet

    For Bauer, it is the first goal in his 114th Premier League game.

    Power scored 2-1 for Servet


  • 37

    Okita adds a touch of danger

    Okita adds a touch of danger


  • 35

    The silence before the hurricane?

    Servette hasn’t fired a shot since 1-1 in the 21st minute, FCZ double.

  • 25

    Balanced band or missing clippers?

    In FCZ, all Super League goals for this season were scored by different players (Rohner, Kryeziu, Dzemaili, Tosin and Okita).

  • 21

    ⚽ Okita equals FCZ

    Okita is equivalent to FCZ


  • 5.

    🤔 Is the game already selected?

    No, no, of course not. FCZ still has plenty of time to turn things around. But Servette hasn’t lost a point after being on top this CSSL season!

  • 3.

    ⚽ Cognat shocks FCZ after 122 seconds

    Cognat shocks FCZ after 122 seconds


  • This is how the two teams begin

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  • Saturday’s highlights

    Winterthur – Lucerne 0:6

    Credit Suisse Super League, Round 8, Season 22/23


    St. Gallen – Sion 1: 2

    Credit Suisse Super League, Round 8, Season 22/23


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