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Next-Generation ATP Finals in Milan - Stryker also beats Musetti in semi-finals

Next-Generation ATP Finals in Milan – Stryker also beats Musetti in semi-finals


He defeated world number 23 Dominic Stryker in Milan and is thus early in the knockout stage of the Next Generation Finals.

Dominic Stryker (ATP 111) also won his second group match at the Next Generation Finals in Milan. After the opening win over Jack Draper (41 ATP), the 20-year-old Swiss also beat Lorenzo Mosetti, who was in a better position. The Italian of the same age is number 23 in the world.

The win over Musetti included a lot of hard work for Stricker and a full 5 sets mile. Just after midnight and about 2:30 hours of play was the Byrne inversion: 4:3 (7:5), 4:3 (8:6), 3:4 (7:9), 3:4 (6:8) ), 4:3 (7:3).


After the world number 41, he also defeats the world number 23

Dominic Stryker.

Keystone / Georgios Kevalas

Straker and the tie are broken

SPECIAL: Of the eight sets that Striker has played in his previous two matches in Milan, they all went into the tiebreak. After winning three sets over Jack Draper, the Swiss was also in the best way to finish the match in three sets against Musseti. In the third set, he missed up to match point. Nonetheless, the Italians vigorously resisted—and succeeded—against the defeat.

Musetti had rounds 3 and 4, with only two periods of the entire game occurring in the third round. Otherwise, the server in question took control of the action. The commas were narrow in contrast.

Profitable entry to the semi-finals

Striker was at the start of the semi-finals after his exploits twice against Draper and Musseti. In the final group match, the winner of the French Open 2020 Junior Championships meets on Thursday (7:30 pm) against Taiwan’s Tseng Chun-Hsin (ATP 90), who lost his first two matches.

Stricker does not receive any ATP for his exploits, but he has already earned $138,250 including entry fee. This represents more than a third of his previous career prize money.