Complete News World – The eviction by Vladimir Sochaux will appear in Spell 23

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Delicious Games releases new game “Evacuation” by Vladimir Sochow at SPIEL 23. The hand management game aims to From 1 to 4 people And he has time to play 60 to 150 minutes.

about the game

In “Evacuation”, life on our planet is getting more and more difficult due to the increasing intensity of the sun’s rays, so each side tries to move all the people and factories in their territories from the “old” planet to a new one. But only 4 laps remain for this.

The game starts with a fully functioning economy and as the game progresses, you must dismantle this economy and move it to the new planet. Income on the old planet will shrink over time, and production will likely meet a similar fate, requiring rebuilding on the new planet. Resources cannot be used across planets, so you need to be extra careful in your planning.

To do this, select Actions from the launcher panel. in expert alternative You can select and combine additional actions with cards from your hand. Each action has its own value, and the sum of these actions is important for obtaining the end-of-round reward. In addition, you move your scores along the orbit based on the value of your actions.

If you can increase the production of three resources to level 8 and build three VR machines on the new planet, you will emerge as the winner of the game. Otherwise, everyone compares their results after four rounds. Evacuation contains additional modules that optionally add new game options.



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