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New XXL tour rumors — but fans have doubts

New XXL tour rumors — but fans have doubts

Rammstein’s tour is over, and now there is speculation about the band’s future.Photo: FREDERIC BATIER


Jennifer Ulrich

Rammstein concluded his European tour at the beginning of August with three concerts in Brussels. Shortly after the tour began, allegations against Till Lindemann were first raised, and several women are now filing allegations against the singer. The shows went ahead as planned, although there were protests on the sidelines of many of the shows.

Now fans are asking themselves: Will the band continue and if so, how? Guitarist Richard Cropps recently posted a cryptic statement on Instagram that at least hints at the changes. Meanwhile, on Reddit, not many people believe in another tour at first — at least not next year.

Rammstein: World Tour 2024?

According to Bild, a world tour is already planned for 2024, and the newspaper relies on information from Rammstein’s entourage. The band sees itself confirmed by the successful tour that just ended and the huge demand for tickets. Thus, announcing more skins is probably just a matter of time.

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how who redditof comments, but many fans don’t think it will happen so quickly. One suspects that the band will wait until the Lindemann case is over and the public debate is over. This user assumes a break in 2024, and there may be another round in 2025.

According to the user, the new album next year is also “unlikely”. The argument: The last record “Zeit” was made by “boredom” during the Covid phase, and there were three full years between “Zeit” and its untitled predecessor. After “Love for All”, it took ten years for the band to come out with a new album.

For this evaluation, a person collects many likes on Reddit, and another fan approves their own contribution including a long-term outlook. she says:

“I think they’ll take a break in 2024, (…) regroup in 2025, start a new album/tour cycle and then say goodbye forever.”

Rammstein: The release of the album is also uncertain

According to this commentary, the album’s timely release should have already failed on record label Universal. As a reminder: in June, officials partially restricted cooperation with Rammstein. In a statement, it said the allegations against Till Lindemann shocked the record company. He continued, “We are convinced that a full clarification of the allegations, also by the authorities, is absolutely necessary.”

Rammstein Horsens, Denmark.  May 25, 2017. Rammstein, German industrial metal band, perform live at Faengslet in Horsens.  Here vocalist Till Lindemann appears live on stage.  Horsens D...

It is currently unclear when Rammstein will return to the stage.Photo: IMAGO/Gonzales Photo

However, there are also fans who are far more optimistic about a new tour, at least. User counts in one Reddit topic He already has a few songs that could make it to the set list for upcoming concerts. Among other things, the person mentions “America,” “Shark,” and “I’m going to hurt you.” However, what is the opposite of a tour in 2024: next year’s European Football Championship will be held in Germany, so some stadiums will definitely not be available in the summer.

Only a few currently think Rammstein will end soon anyway, there’s pretty much agreement on Reddit.