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New World: Amazon MMO starts in open beta September 9

Photo: Amazon Games

Amazon’s ambitious MMO New World has recently been delayed again and will begin its open beta for all on September 9. The MMORPG is a fun game, the idea of ​​the players from the recently closed beta. The open beta is scheduled to run until September 12.

Open Beta September 9-12

since the match”The best possible qualityAmazon should be available, but it has postponed the prestigious New World project at the beginning of August. The game is now scheduled to release on September 28, 2021. From September 9-12, RPG fans can participate in the open beta and get an impression of what’s in store. them in the direct service game.

New World is the game with the greatest potential to become Amazon’s first true hit. So obviously the motto is to be on the safe side; In a way, the new world is doomed to success.

Release on September 28 with a wider scope

Originally, Amazon postponed the MMO to expand its reach. Open beta testing will now provide information on whether or not this project was successful.

Access to the open beta client must be via Steam’s Playtest tool On the Steam page of the New World Requests.

New World will cost €39.90 once to issue and then live without fees and monthly subscriptions.