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New WhatsApp function: changes with send button

New WhatsApp function: changes with send button


Updated September 1, 2023 at 2:42 PM ET

WhatsApp wants to make it easier to send self-deletable content with a new update. To do this, users simply have to press “Submit” for a longer period of time. There are also two other changes for WhatsApp users.

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Messaging service WhatsApp is currently rolling out changes for users in Android beta to make sending content easier and safer. These changes should now be made via the submit button and the process is simplified.

The send button innovations are intended to allow the Show Once feature to be extended to different media types, including text messages and voice messages as well Chip portal technology and consumer reports. Previously, WhatsApp users could send photos and videos just once by clicking on the corresponding icon in the address bar.

However, the new functionality is currently only available for Android devices and is not yet available for sending GIFs.

More changes for WhatsApp users

In addition, WhatsApp introduces a new security feature that allows muting incoming calls from unknown contacts to prevent unwanted calls. To use this feature, you must activate the “Silence calls from unknown people” option in your privacy settings.

It is also possible that the well-known WhatsApp status will disappear in the future. Instead, WhatsApp wants to introduce the “Channels” feature, which allows you to follow celebrities, organizations and clubs. These channels aim to make news directly visible. Your previous WhatsApp status will no longer be available.
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