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New update for FSD beta in Tesla, expansion not before September>

In the future, there will be an update every two weeks, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced, when beta testers received version 9.1 of the software known as FSD for the Autopilot System at the end of July. In fact, V9.2 arrived last weekend – not quite on time, because it was already scheduled for Friday at midnight. The Tesla boss justified the slight deviation from the new schedule with sudden, last-minute problems. But it has now also delayed extending beta testing to all interested owners in the USA.

Musk confirms gradient with FSD V9

The FSD Beta V9, which was sent to testers in mid-July after several delays, was a big step for Tesla as no more radar data had been evaluated for the first time. According to CEO, Musk, they have proven to be very unreliable, which is why the software is now getting rid of them completely. With the new Model 3 and the Model Y In the US, Tesla is already ignoring hardware for this purposeThe updated Model S still has a radar sensor installed.

Similar to the regular autopilot system, which initially lacked some safety functions, the first pilotless program without radar also seemed like a step back technically. This At least one Tesla observer has expressed an impression of the FSD V9 on Twitter after speaking to testers and not being yelled at. CEO Musk confirmed this in principle by saying that the switch to “pure vision” set Tesla back in the first place. However, they were previously stuck with the radar at the local maximum.


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Perhaps that’s why previous beta testers have been using it quite regularly since V9, but the testing expansion, which Musk initially announced was imminent in March, is still close. everybody Teslas in the US Will Get a ‘Beta Button’ SoonAt that time it was called a button for downloading the FSD program in the car menu. As Musk has now said, at least one 9.x release must follow before that comes.

There is no beta for everyone on Tesla AI Day

But there could be more. On Sunday, when asked, Musk also described version 9.4 as possible, before the FSD V10 was planned as “important architectural changes”. With this program, everyone’s desired button will come, “Maybe” but also with 10.1. If the current update rhythm continues, that would mean mid-September at the earliest and mid-October at the latest.

The “may” in the appointment information from the Tesla chief can also be understood to mean that testing can be expanded with V10.1, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. With his new information, hope that the ultra-optimistic fans cherished to the last has been dashed: the FSD beta has already been closed. AI Day at Tesla this week can be released.