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New Trailers for Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

New Trailers for Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

The fourth generation gets a remake with Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Ahead of the release, Nintendo is now announcing new trailers.

The new Pokémon trailer remakes the Radiant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

The basics in brief

  • Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl will be released in two weeks.
  • Now Nintendo is beating the drum with new trailers.
  • The new version of the Nintendo DS game is set to reach new players on Switch.

November 19, it’s time: Pokemon Shining Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl appear Long awaited new editions NS Nintendo Switch. Now the gaming giant has released several trailers in English and Japanese again.

One of the new trailers for the new Pokémon game in Japanese.

The new games bring back the fourth generation of Pokémon that was originally designed for nintendo DS became known. The starting Pokemon are Chelast (a plant), Panflam (fire), and Plinfa (water).

A longer trailer in Japanese also summarizes the first game scenes, battles, and competitions Of the two games together. It also shows the Galaktik team, who has to play against the end of the match.

As in all Pokémon games, there is a game in Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl Exclusive Legendary Pokemon. The fourth generation are Dialga and Palkia.

Japanese promotion for Pokémon Shining Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl.

The games also introduce some innovations to the originals of nintendo DS. The new Pokémon hiding places feature found its way here as well, as before in other remakes. The Diamond and Pearl Pokémon competitions have also been slightly modified.

According to Game Freak, the battles should be playable in a more modern and dynamic way than the original game. The first gameplay also shows that you can most likely change the appearance of the player character.

Pokémon Remake will be released on November 19

Thus, the game should not only attract fans nintendo-DS times received well. With the switch edition you want nintendo As of November 19, many new players will be under the spell.

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