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New Swiss senses of the cabin: this is what it will look like in Swiss long-haul aircraft from 2025

After Lufthansa, the Swiss subsidiary also presents its new long-haul interior. The Airbus A330 is the first Swiss aircraft to have a new cabin.

It was known that the new cabin was coming. From 2025, the long-range Swiss airliner will have a new interior. It’s based on Lufthansa’s new Allegris cabin, but has its own name — and its own focus, notes the airline. Senses is the name of the new cabin concept. And the name should say it all.

The Airbus A330 is the first Swiss aircraft to be converted. It will happen in 2025. The new A350s will be delivered directly with the new interior – also from 2025. The Boeing 777 of Lufthansa subsidiary should be converted by 2027.

Smaller hills, but wings

First class will be reduced from eight to four seats in the Swiss Airbus A330. Suitable suites with floor to ceiling doors are now being fitted for this purpose. Chief Commercial Officer Tamur Godarzipour stresses that first class will continue to be available on all long-haul airlines. There will be 43 business class seats, two fewer than before. There will be 21 seats in Premium Economy Class and 159 in Economy Class.

Seating scheme of the new cabin of the Airbus A330. Photo: Swiss

The design is inspired by nature. The color concept aims to convey comfort and security. In the suites of the first class, as well as in the business class, burgundy and beige tones should prevail. Premium Economy Class seats, introduced by Switzerland as the first airline in the Lufthansa Group, are brown and beige. It remains the same in concept, but has small innovations. For example, there must be a new way to charge your devices wirelessly.

More seat space in economy

According to Swiss, the new Economy seats have more legroom, and thanks to a slimmer backrest, more legroom and a 13-inch touchscreen. The seat pitch is 79 to 86 cm. All seats also have a USB charging option and a new, more comfortable headrest. In addition, passengers in all classes will be able to connect their devices to the in-flight entertainment screens.

See what the new Swiss cabin will look like in the gallery above. If you click on a picture, the gallery will open in a large format.