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New storms lead to a "barrel flood"

New storms lead to a “barrel flood”

Also this week, the weather is still very rainy. The lakes are already full, and the land is saturated. There is a risk of more floods and mudslides.

The basics in brief

  • More showers, some heavy, await us until Friday.
  • This threatens more floods and mudslides that disrupt traffic.
  • But at the weekend, the situation should calm down again.

It has been raining for weeks In Switzerland, what it takes. The sunny phases only last for a short time, the next phase Thunder Storm With heavy rain always close by. Results: Saturated soil and water to the brim And again and again floods and mudslides.

No improvement in sight: Low Bernd is coming from France to Switzerland – and bringing more rain with it. to me “SRF the weather»Must be heavy from Monday evening to Tuesday evening Thunderstorms the expected. Cold, wind, and more rain can create problems.

They say new storms are ‘overflowing with barrels’ SRFMeteorologists. They warn of more landslides, mudslides and floods. Smaller lakes and rivers can They blew up their banks. This, in turn, can lead to restrictions on the movement of trains and on roads.

Heavy rain is also expected on Thursday and Friday. Danger disasters It’s still high then. But the situation calmed down over the weekend. However, there is still a little rain in certain places.

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