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New seats: Air Dolomiti's cabin will be more similar to Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian

New seats: Air Dolomiti’s cabin will be more similar to Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian

The Italian subsidiary Lufthansa is equipping its Embraer aircraft with new seats – and the cabin is very similar to that of Austrian, Swiss and Co..

15 Embraer E-195s fly to Air Dolomiti. Their booth will all be renovated soon. According to reports from the Italian company Lufthansa, the decision has been made on the Essenza seat model from Geven. From December onwards, all E195 aircraft on regional airlines will be gradually upgraded. The first plane with a new cabin is due to take off in January and the renovation will be completed in March.

The Naples-based company has already been established as a supplier to the Lufthansa group: Air Dolomiti’s headquarters belong to the same family of products selected to equip Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian aircraft. There, the seats have been installed in the Airbus A320 family aircraft since 2017.

Special colors, same family of seats

As with other Lufthansa companies, the colors are kept in the Air Dolomiti style. The upholstery made of eco-leather will be blue and turquoise. There will be a magazine compartment at the top of the backrest, and the seats can be tilted back three inches or 7.6 cm. The seat cushion can be attached to the seat with a Velcro fastener.

Geven emphasizes that special manufacturing of the seat reduces maintenance and repair costs. The backrest is made of a single piece of carbon fibre. Therefore, no additional plastic cladding or parts are needed, only foam and upholstery. “The result is fewer parts to handle and less weight to carry.”