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Fyne Audio Vintage Classic Speaker Retro 2022

New Retro Speakers from Fyne Audio

Die britische HiFi-Marke Fyne Audio kündigt zwei neue Lautsprecher-Serien an, die vor allem Freunde von traditionellen und rustikalen Boxen erfreuen wird. Der Name der Serien gibt es vor: Fyne Audio Vintage und Vintage Classic sprühen vor Retrocharme und erinnern unweigerlich an die goldenen Zeiten der HiFi-Ära.
Dr. Paul Mills, Tech
Beautiful Audio Manager

The name Paul Mills is certainly familiar to hi-fi fans. British hi-fi developer Mills has developed several classic amplifiers over the past four decades and in 2019 his company and brand where is the sound (always distributed by TAD-Audiovertrieb). The culmination of many years of development work, the latest series of speakers has now been created where Vintage and vintage classics.

Fyne Audio Vintage: Design meets high technology

The Fyne Vintage Series builds on the cutting-edge technologies developed by developer Paul Mills for the award-winning F1 Series and combines timeless design with cutting-edge sound technology. The result is a classically designed speaker series with top-of-the-line audio performance.

With traditional rectangular box
Fyne Vintage Classic in four different editions
Forms may be available.

Luxury, elegance and sophistication

The whereTechnologies are seamlessly incorporated into the bespoke handmade cases of the Vinatge Series. Formed to reduce standing waves and improve mechanical performance. Each case features a unique, timeless style made of real walnut and walnut base wood and finished with oxidized gold metallic applications. Analog presence and power control for personal room modification complete the claim of luxury and elegance.

Fyne Audio Vintage Classic: Four Speaker Models

With a traditional rectangular body, the Fyne Vintage Classic will be available in four different models. Handcrafted from real walnut veneer with a contrasting black baffle, the Classic features simple analog controls for personal room tuning and a Fyne BassTrax Port diffuser for great bass performance.

Sixties look…

Vintage Classic models use traditional square cabinets with real walnut veneer finishes and black railing. The look is straight from the late ’60s hi-fi design school. Classic models combine the IsoFlare driver from where With a 75mm titanium dome tweeter.

Minimal analog controls
A feature of the new series.

…with the latest IsoFlare drivers

The classic retro design includes four models, one mounted as a stand, the other as floor-mounted woofers, built around IsoFlare’s 8, 10 and 12-inch drivers. All four devices feature simple analog controls for precise adjustment of presence and RF power, and removable canvas grilles in a stylish gray.

Prices and availability

Set to go on sale later this year, the new Fyne Audio speakers will include Vintage and Vintage Classic models, priced between €4,000 and €40,000 a pair. The speakers are distributed and marketed by Fyne Audio in Germany from TAD audio distribution.

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