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New retirement of pension funds under discussion in Chile – Prinza Latin

Encouraged by the support of Social Green Regional Federation (FRVS) Vice President Jaime Mullet and other legislators, the initiative promises to unleash strong friction between the legislature and the government, which has already revealed its rejection of the plan; As in the previous two cases.

Now the text should go to the analysis of the Constitutional Commission, where there is already another plan with the same purpose, previously presented by Deputy Pamela Giles, from the Opposition.

If approved by Congress, AFP subsidiaries and retirees could withdraw a portion of their savings, this time facing epidemics, with hundreds of thousands still unemployed or seeing their incomes declining and not receiving enough support. .

It also establishes an authorization bonus paid by the government to protect the pensions of those who use its funds.

Like the two previously approved devaluations, it can reach up to 10 percent of the money saved, with a maximum of 4.3 million pesos (close to six thousand dollars at the current exchange rate) and a minimum of one million pesos (slightly higher). $ 1,300).

As has happened on previous occasions, the government and many right-wing lawmakers oppose the move, and even La Moneda took the issue to the Constitutional Court, saying the move violated presidential rights.

However, the executive received the approval of a counter-proposal that is practically equivalent to the opposition speech, in which case workers and retirees may have their own pension funds.

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