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Desiro HC 1.Klasse (Quelle: ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH)

New Regional Train for Brandenburg: RE1 will soon offer more space and better reception

New Regional Train for Brandenburg
RE1 will soon offer more space and better reception

Tuesday 09/20/22 | 6:50 PM | to Anya Dobrodinsky

ODEG – East German Railway GmbH

Audio: rbb24 Inforadio | 09/20/2022 | Anya Dobrodinsky | picture: ODEG – East German Railway GmbH

A new regional train between Magdeburg and Cottbus will start with the winter schedule – with more comfort and more seats. Manufacturer Siemens and operator ODEG presented the train at the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin. By Anya Dobrodinsky

“Desiro HC” is the name of the new train for the area. It was built by Siemens. It will run on-line RE1 from December. HC stands for “High Capacity” – which means the chain must provide plenty of room for passengers.

Double-decker carriages and double-decker carriages were combined on the train, explains Elmar Zeller. At Siemens Mobility, he is responsible for regional and local trains. In general, the train needs less materials and energy than the pure double-decker, but at the same time provides more seating and parking space than the single-decker train.

Traveling in the Elbe-Spree Network

Desiro drives electric. Drive it in a bungalow. They have surface area for large ingredients. The Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn Odeg has purchased 29 trains of this series from Siemens, including 14 shorter and 15 longer, depending on the place of use and the length of the stations served. You will drive where there are overhead wires. Desiro HC trains will operate primarily as RE1 between Magdeburg and Cottbus, but also as RB17 towards Schwerin.

Desiro HC 1st class (Source: ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH)A look at the first class of RE1

More convenient and connected

Siemens promises more comfort for passengers on trains. For example, train windows have a special coating, Elmar Zeller explains: “We have special parts where mobile phone reception is especially good.”

The WLAN must also be available, and the passenger gateway must also be available through it. Screens on the train let passengers know how full each car is. Even before the trip, the use of the train can be recalled in real time via the app.

Desiro HC (Source: ODEG - Ostdeutsche Eisenbahn GmbH)Desiro HC on the front.

More safety with artificial intelligence

Desiro trains have barrier-free entrances. They provide level access at all stations, regardless of platform height. Trains also have parking spaces, preferably for bicycles and wheelchairs.

Elmar Zeiler of Siemens Mobility explains a new security feature: “Here we have onboard technology that evaluates the information recorded by the cameras.” If the AI ​​detects something suspicious, the train operators are informed and they can intervene in the branch or call for help.

Odig paid 300 million euros for 29 trains. At the Innotrans trade fair, manufacturer Siemens symbolically handed over the key to Odeg. Chain trains already operate in the Rhein Ruhr region and in Baden-Württemberg.

Broadcast: rbb24 Inforadio, September 20, 2022, 3:30 p.m.