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New reference to "danger zone" as in Tarkov and Hunt

New reference to “danger zone” as in Tarkov and Hunt

In addition to the traditional multiplayer mode with “Conquest” and “Penetration” As well as extending the era Sandbox-Modus Battlefield Portal The third multiplayer mode “Hazard Zone” in Battlefield 2042 is not presented in detail. There were initial rumors about it as early as the middle of the year strong similarity into varieties Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Confrontation.

It seems that these things are further confirmed, because in the game files for the already closed test phase in Battlefield 2042 Can be known in Battlefield Dataminer Tweet embed Find some new details about this mode on Twitter. Hazard Zone appears to be a PvPvE mode where players are placed on the map and have the task of reaching the extraction point and leaving the map without losing their loot while fighting against it at the same time as enemy players, AI soldiers and combat bosses.

Game details

Exploring the map, collecting information, rewards, new currency, and much more should be an important component of your gaming experience. So there will also be optional extraction points that players can unlock by reaching certain special objectives. In addition, players will also be able to summon things such as a ranger or an ATV to get help from certain points on the map.

Once extracted, players can save their loot and use it in the next game, or sell it to other players – but if it dies before it can be extracted, all loot will be lost. It appears that the “Orbital” map will have built-in support for the “Hazard Zone”, although it is not yet known if there will be exclusive maps for this in the game.

Waiting for release

Even if the source is considered reliable, it can of course still be game content that does not reach the final version, which is why the information should be treated with caution. By the release of Battlefield 2042 on October 22, at the latest, there should be concrete details, although DICE and EA will likely publish relevant details beforehand.

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