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New Pokemon Snap: the director talks about development time and team size

Since April 30th New Pokemon Snap Available for Nintendo Switch, you can get an overall impression at our site I picked it up and gambled on ita series. In an interview with VanGamers, the game’s director spoke about New Pokemon Snap, Haruki Suzaki, recently developed the game. Accordingly, after the latest DLC release of Pokemon Tekken DX I first heard about the project, about three years ago. Several hundred people participated in the development.

The following English translation of the interview section is taken from Nintendo Everything:

“The first time I heard about the New Pokemon Snap was when we were finishing bonus content for Pokken Tournament DX. Since then, it’s been a little less than three years old. Lots of people have been involved in developing the game, about a few hundred people in total. At Bandai Namco Studios, game development starts with a small team and eventually grows to over a hundred people. ”

Frederick Exner

Ever since he first played “The Jungle Book” on the old Gameboy, Freddy has been a passionate gamer. When he’s not hunting (pocket) monsters or in the kingdom of Hyrule, he studies computer game science at Bayreuth and writes news and reviews for Nintendo-Online and PS-NOW.