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New patches bring bug fixes and backup functionality

New patches bring bug fixes and backup functionality

from Valentine Sattler
Since the main update 0.216.5, the Valheim developers have released two more updates. As a result, there are some bug fixes and a new backup function.

With Patch 0.216.5, Valheim developers released a new beta update last week, which brought some improvements to the survival game. Among other things, the new version should revise the memory system in the game worlds and significantly reduce memory consumption. Due to associated changes, it appears that the storage format is no longer backwards compatible. Therefore, players were required to make backups beforehand.

Two new pieces

The same request was also made with the release New patch 0.216.6 Distributed on Thursday, after all, the new global format will be preserved in the future. Who’s now only the current beta version of Valheim

At the same time, the developers have also fixed a bug in patch 0.216.7 that restricts save game compatibility between different versions. On the other hand, the older update 0.216.6 focused on other areas of the game. According to the developers, for example, attacks at low frame rates should now lead to fewer problems, and the memory leak issue has also been fixed.

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There is also talk of improving the calculation of experience points and an issue with Asian languages ​​in the minimap has been fixed. Finally, a bug where game files were copied and displayed as such in the game was also fixed. Overall, the developers are currently apparently focused on fixing the issues with Valheim, having previously implemented patch 0.216.5 with some improvements to the game.

source: dsogaming