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New opening of children's home in Sant Pino: more space for children's dreams

New opening of children’s home in Sant Pino: more space for children’s dreams

Children’s home Friedberg eV has been around to support children and parents for nearly 180 years. The association’s latest project is the Modern Children’s Home Sant Pino.

“With a childhood full of love, one can endure the cold world for half a lifetime.” The German writer Sean Paul (1763-1825) was not alone in knowing the importance of a full childhood. In 1845, the Friedbergers established the Johannesverein House in order to provide a home for children who could not be adequately cared for in the parental home in times of need. First of all, the association created a kitchen for the poor so that children in need could have at least one warm meal per day. Later, a “children’s institution” and an “orphanage for neglected children” were built.

Since then, a lot has changed in the local assembly – including the name – but the guiding principle has remained the same. The change in responsibility in 2019 was crucial to the current trend: “In the bylaws amendment, it was decided at that time to split the responsibility into a full-time executive board and a voluntary supervisory board,” CEO Richard Chulan explains.

Today is the children’s home Friedberg The eV is known far from the city limits and consists of four fixed home groups, a day nursery and specialist social-educational services providing educational support in Hermann-Löns-Straße 2.

In the spacious outdoor play area, a small sledding hill has been created, as well as plant spots for young gardeners.

Photo: Jana Korczykowski

In addition, the association operates eight kindergartens, which will be increased to ten over the next two years. Nearly 220 employees of the charity transmit Christian values ​​to nearly 650 children from Friedberg and the surrounding area.

Family assistance in outpatient clinics

In addition to care, great value is given to outpatient family assistance. On behalf of the Aichach-Friedberg The association works preventively here in order to alleviate the well-being of the local youth. “The New Family Support Point at the Children’s Home is the central point of contact for parents looking for help. Regardless of whether it is advice on upbringing, a list of local football clubs or the question of where parents can get upbringing, explains Doris Stadler, Director of Education. Appropriate school materials Counseling is non-sectarian and available to all.

With love and motivation

The newest facility has recently been put into operation: the St. Beno Children’s Home in Pater-Franz-Rheinische-Strasse. Two groups of nurseries and a kindergarten group have already moved into the new, spacious and modern building. A day nursery and a kindergarten group will follow in September of this year. All children should be given enough time to get used to it.

Each well-appointed and unobstructed room offers access to the outdoor area.

Photo: Jana Korczykowski

Alexandra Wootke, Facilities Manager, is looking forward to the new mission: “We are a young, committed, dynamic team and motivated to help create the facility with so much love. Sant Pino is something special.”

So far, Wuttke has received only positive feedback from parents. This is certainly also due to the friendly and well-appointed rooms. “Each room was planned more generously than specified,” says architect Civket Dalyanoglu. “Unlike the usual reservations about container construction, the high-quality modular construction of Sant Pino offers many advantages.” So not a year has passed from planning to completion and the city can respond to the growing demand for childcare places. In addition, thanks to the flexible room program, the day care center can be quickly converted into a kindergarten area.

Care and treatment in one

Sant Pino is also completely free of obstacles – so-called “first places” can also be assigned. Executive Director Chulan adds: “Our Integration Kindergarten gives us the necessary knowledge to be able to meet the needs of children with disabilities individually and there is the possibility of outpatient treatment in Sant Benno. This means convenience for parents, as care and treatment are combined.”

Two nurseries and one kindergarten group are already allowed to play in Sant Pino’s beautifully designed rooms.

Photo: Jana Korczykowski

In the late summer, when all the kids’ groups have moved in, an open day is held, facility manager Wuttke revealed. In a kind of Oktoberfest, getting to know parents, children and staff should be informal. “Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to allocate a new nursery or kindergarten in Sant Pino. But we are glad that we have been able to accommodate almost all the children whose parents have applied for a place.”

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