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New Neustadt district: this is planned

With a total of 156 apartments and 11 commercial units in Newly created Karoline-Stern-Platz Wohnbau Mainz GmbH has created a meeting place in the northern part of Mainz Neustadt. The first tenants were able to move into their apartments last month, with more to follow in the coming weeks. Almost all apartments have already been purchased. But how is commercial space used?

As announced by general manager Thomas Weil, the apartment complex will, among other things, create a “home in Mainz”. This is the communal living project that Wohnbau has already set up in several districts of Mainz – in Mumbach, Ebersheim and Hartenberg. According to Will, the project provides security of supply, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities. Residents should be able to survive in their familiar surroundings for as long as possible by living together. Another important component of the concept is the neighborhood café, which was designed by residents on a voluntary basis. There must be community participation. According to Will, the events could also happen in the coffee shop.

Colorful shop landscape in layout

Other than that, there is still plenty of room for shops and restaurants on Karoline-Stern-Platz. Shop units range in size from 53 to 153 square metres. There is also an option to partially connect them to each other. Wohnbau relies on a mixture of different types of business for shops: whether food trade, service providers, small restaurants or other consumer goods – everything can be imagined. In addition to experienced professionals in this field, we also welcome startups and start-ups. Not all space has been rented out yet. “It’s important that the mix is ​​right and that the workers bring the necessary heart and soul,” says Weil.

A cultural center around the corner

According to Will, the new residential neighborhood will continue to develop in the immediate vicinity: “Within walking distance and directly connected to Karoline-Stern-Platz, some 170 apartments, office space and a cultural center with restaurants will be built on the Kommissbrotbäckerei site.”