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New Interior Concepts: ATR meets VIPs with luxurious turbocharged interiors

New Interior Concepts: ATR meets VIPs with luxurious turbocharged interiors

The turbo fan manufacturer introduces new cabin concepts. The target group of ATR is corporations, wealthy people, and heads of state.

It’s a little slower, but it emits less carbon dioxide. Turboprop aircraft are currently making a comeback and are also becoming increasingly interesting for business aviation.
Thus the Franco-Italian manufacturer ATR is also positioning its turboprops as a clean alternative not only for regional but also business jets.

“Our aircraft offer the same cabin size as the largest business jets and at the same time cut CO2 emissions in half,” says Business Development Director Tariq Bin Omran. To underscore the ambitions, ATR presented five cabin concepts under the Highline name at the Aircraft Interiors Expo AIX. It targets commercial companies, but also business operators and governments.

Cabin for heads of state and government

Highline has a cabin called “Bespoke VIP”, that is, “made-to-measure VIP”. According to the manufacturer, future operators can customize these things according to their own needs. In the product images, ATR shows lounge seating with tables and sofas on the side.

There is a new cabin layout called Multi-Section. It is specially designed for heads of state and senior government officials. Individual sections within the device can be separated, for example as a meeting room.

Pure business seating and first class space

The other new layouts are called Multi-Class, Premium-Flex, and All-Business Class. The multi-class offers a spacious layout, including space for First Class. In Premium Flex, standard double seats can be converted into premium single seats. In all business classes, the cabin is equipped with 30 business class seats.

In the photo gallery above, you can see the ATR’s five Highline cabin layouts. Clicking on the image opens the gallery in a large format.