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New in cinema - "The Fish and People": This mother wants revenge - culture

New in cinema – “The Fish and People”: This mother wants revenge – culture


In the Swiss drama, Sarah Spall plays a woman who has to deal with the terrible blow of fate.

Director Stephanie Klemm says of the drama “Von Fischen und People”. At the Solothurn Film Festival, she won the Opera Prima Award for Best Feature Film.

The movie starts out very perfectly. Judith (Sarah Spall) runs a fish farm in an unknown location. She lives on a remote farm with her young daughter Mila (Lea Wagner) and new colleague Gabriel (Matthias Britschugi).

But then a burglary occurs at a gas station. And Judith’s life is no longer the same.


The relationship between Gabriel and Judith becomes more complicated after the robbery.


He was beaten and robbed

“I myself was attacked at a gas station,” filmmaker Stephanie Clem says in an interview with SRF. “My friend and I were beaten to the ground and robbed.”

Then she began to distract herself from the trauma.

Finally, the experience inspired her to write the screenplay “Von Fischen und Menschen”. The result is a challenging movie with beautiful visuals and powerful actors.


6-year-old Leah Wagner plays Mila – her first movie appearance.


“You don’t see a lot of my own experiences in the movie, except that something unusual happens at a gas station,” the director says.

She has one thing in common with Judith’s character: “She has feelings of revenge, like she felt at the time.” “Von Fischen und Menschen” is the story of victims, perpetrators, revenge, guilt and tolerance.

Nice place, difficult story

Judith played “Wilder” actress Sarah Spall. Most of the photography was shot over a seven-week period at a fish farm in the Jura in the middle of nature.

“An amazing place,” Sarah Spall says in an interview. “But on set you can always feel the gravity of the story.”


Sarah Spall: The crew helped with difficult filming.


The wonderful crew helped shoot: “There were moments when we felt joyful at our work. Then we all breathed a sigh of relief. That was an important compensation.”

“About Fish and People” is a powerful drama with a positive message. Director Stephanie Clem wants to achieve one thing in the film: “It reminds viewers to preserve humanity, even in difficult situations, in times of crisis.”

Theatrical release: May 20, 2021