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New Hooters "bare bum" panties - angry waitresses

New Hooters “bare bum” panties – angry waitresses

New, narrower panties as part of the workwear cause the waitresses to get angry. The company is now giving them a choice.

The basics in brief

  • Horns tighten her waitresses’ panties.
  • Many complain to Tiktok about this and threaten to terminate the contract.
  • In Texas, where the new uniform is already being worn, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Hooters is famous for its burgers, chicken wings, and especially beef Service in tight clothes. The company has been criticized for this on several occasions. But instead of making the uniform less revealing, it shortens already-tight panties even further.

Horns are mainly used for this purpose Swipe on TiktokFor example, one waitress says: “I don’t like wearing underwear to work.” The pants in the old outfit look more like shorts, while the new ones look like underwear. Another user writes: “You are completely naked.”

A waitress makes the comparison on Tiktok. The old shorts were showing off a bit of a bum too, but she did Covered what they had to cover. However, the new devices “do not cover anything”, they will also get stuck between the buttocks. When I signed, she didn’t agree to wear it.

The waitresses are very annoyed. Many threatened to quit on social media if they had to wear the new outfit. However, employees can decide for themselves which shorts will suit their body type and profile. This is what the company said toNBC News”.

Do you like trumpets?

The new outfit is the result of a collaboration with the waitresses. It has been worn in some Texas restaurants for several months, according to Hooters. Feedback is very positive. Waitresses will also have a say in future clothing and accessory alterations.

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