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New Hogwarts Legacy State of Play Announced This Week •

New Hogwarts Legacy State of Play Announced This Week •

Warner’s Hogwarts Legacy is getting its own copy of the State of Play,

This week you get new gameplay too Hogwarts legacy to see.

PlayStation dedicates a separate State of Play edition to Avalanche Software and Warner Bros Games.

When will it start?

The number can be seen on Thursday, March 17, 2022 from 10pm German time.

The new State of Play has a running time of about 20 minutes, with a total of over 14 minutes of gameplay on PS5.

Chandler Wood, Community Director at WB Games Avalanche wrote: “Since we first revealed Hogwarts Legacy, the trailer has racked up over 28 million views on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. We promised to reveal more this year, and now we can finally deliver on that promise.” . , I am PlayStationBlog.

“This is an incredible moment we’ve been working on for a very long time. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.”

After the gameplay, you will get some additional ideas from some of the team members.

You can watch the show on Thursday Twitter And the Youtube.