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New Game Mode in Modern Warfare 2

New Game Mode in Modern Warfare 2


The Call of Duty leak is currently causing an interesting rumor. Will Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 get an Escape-style tactical game mode from Tarkov?

since Modern Warfare 2 Official Announcement On April 28, the rumor mill was buzzing and every day there seemed to be new information about the upcoming CoD title. The latest deal leaks with a new game mode in Modern Warfare 2.



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New game mode

Leaker TheGhostOfHope is currently causing a stir with a tweet. According to his information, there should be a third game mode in Modern Warfare 2, which is based on the tactical realistic shooter Escape from Tarkov. The new mode will be called “DMZ”, it will be large and will require a certain amount of maintenance. The new matching variant will be introduced in time for BETA. What the abbreviation “DMZ” stands for has not been disclosed. In the military context, the word ‘demilitarized’ refers to a ‘demilitarized zone’, i.e. an area in which no army may be stationed.

In the long run, introducing such a mode may extend the lifecycle of Modern Warfare 2 and keep players motivated. This in turn indicates that Activision has long-term plans for Modern Warfare 2. However, TheGhostOfHope’s anonymous source indicates that the situation is only final when the general public encounters it.

“What you take with you you can lose”

When a Twitter user asked if the situation was similar to the gameplay of Escape from Tarkov, TheGhostOfHope replied: “What you take, you lose. It’s more tactical and so forth”, which can be interpreted as a clear approval of the question. So it seems as if the CoD developers want to take the hype around the Russian tactical shooter and try a new path for Call of Duty.

Although TheGostOfHope is considered a trusted source in CoD circles and was right about several leaks, so far it has only been an unconfirmed rumor. Whether we’re already in the Modern Warfare 2 reveal demo On the second of June We will see the first photos about it still to be seen.

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