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New frog breed discovered – male wears dotpoles on his body

Sydney. In the newly discovered frog species in Australia, male birds carry frogs on their bodies. Researchers have found a 16-millimeter small animal on a mountain in Wollongong National Park. It is only four of the 4,000 known frog species worldwide, according to the University of Newcastle’s Michael Mahoney, cited by News South Wales’ Ministry of Environment.

“Asa Vollampin” must be protected

Genetic analyzes by the University and the South Australian Museum show that it is a separate species closely related to the “ass darlingtoni” (also known as the pie or hip pocket frog). The small waterfalls on Mount Warning, which cover only about 2000 hectares (locally known as Mount Vollambin), were named “Asa Vollampin” after their location.


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Researchers say that the structure and composition of teeth are different from those of previously known organisms. © Reuters

Regional Environment Minister Matt Keane said the New South Wales government had taken immediate action to protect small populations. “This incredible discovery shows how little we know about the world around us,” he said.

This site is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

According to Keane, its small population makes the frog highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. “In order to ensure the survival of this spectacular species of frog that lived at high altitudes in the cold forest, a nature conservation action plan is being developed.”

Wollamba National Park is located in the Gondwana Rainforest on the border between New South Wales and Queensland. Rainforests have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986.