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New for Android users: You can look forward to these functions

New for Android users: You can look forward to these functions

Android users can look forward to a number of innovations. As announced by Google now, it should be published in the near future. We have summarized everything important here.

Android users are given new functionality not only when new versions are released. In between as well, Google keeps introducing new features. in one Blog post It shows the company what users can expect in the near future.

Family Bell will be a new function. These are the notifications that are sent to all the devices connected to the home. This feature applies not only to smartphones, but also to smart screens and smart speakers. This should help keep track of different tasks, such as getting kids out of sports. These alarms can also be set individually for individual devices so that you also get reminders of personal appointments.

New for Android users: There are more Google apps with widgets

Google: There will be a whole bunch of new functionality for Android.
Google: There will be a whole bunch of new functionality for Android.


A number of Google apps are also getting new tools. With Google Play Books and YouTube Music, the tool is primarily of practical use. This gives you easy access to the app and some navigation options.

With the new tool for Google Photos, users can now select photos of friends, relatives or pets and add a frame. Then it is displayed on the splash screen. Google Photos is also getting a new job. There are new memories for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas. Photos from these occasions are displayed in the application. You can also rename the events according to your own wishes.

This changes with Android Auto

There is also news on Android Auto. These are basically convenience functions. If you want, Android Auto will now start automatically as soon as the smartphone is connected to the car. In addition, context-based response suggestions for text messages are now displayed. This should make it easier for drivers to answer, so as not to get too distracted.

With a simple click on the start screen, you can play music in the future. Navigation through music apps should also be improved by voice input via Google Assistant.

From now on, you can also use your smartphone as a car key. This allows the vehicle to be locked, unlocked, and operated. So far, this function is only available for Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Galaxy S21 phones on compatible BMW models.

New Android features will be available in the next few weeks

Another innovation has to do with app permissions. They are pulled from applications after a certain period of time if they are not used. This functionality is already available in newer Android versions. Now it is extended to Android 6.0.

Last but not least, there is a new feature for Google Gboard keyboard. This is called Emoji Kitchen. You can combine individual emojis to get a new one.

All of these features should be available either immediately or in the next few weeks.

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