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New football field: Neuhengstett has another attraction for young people - Gäu

New football field: Neuhengstett has another attraction for young people – Gäu

Members of the Neuhengstett Stadium Initiative got to work last fall when fall protection – sand and wood chips – had to be brought under and around stadiums and equipment already assembled. Photo: Troger

With the football field completed at the “Oasis” site near Festhalle, there is now a “play” for new stallions from toddlers to young adults and children in Waldensian.

Althengstett-Neuhengstett – In July 2021, after a call from the local administration, more than 20 people of different ages gathered to gather suggestions and ideas on how to use the Leader’s funding, already approved at that time, in the “Development of SpielRAUM in Neuhengstett”. A working group was formed from this, and the first result was a playground for young children next to the old “Oasis” adventure playground, which had been completed for a long time. This was also created in the 90’s by the Parents Initiative.

The place is suitable for all weather conditions

In addition to a diverse playground for the little ones, there was also a youth show. With the football field, a desire from the youth ranks was also fulfilled and an all-weather stadium was established in which football is played hard during the summer holidays. For the project, valued at around €120,000, the community has received 60 percent funding from Lider Heikengau.

Completely different from the football field

In May 2022, civil engineering work began for the facility that adjoins the old “Oase” site to the southwest to the street next to the tennis courts and sports house. Metal work — planks, two goals, two basketball rings and a ball stop fencing on the sides and behind the goals — was carried out during June. Finally, at the end of June, the artificial surface was laid and lines were laid for the football, basketball and volleyball games on the field. Thus, a multifunctional playground is available for youth, which can also be used by clubs in many occasions, such as small court tournaments. Not only can many young people be found, but parents are also seen with their children playing football together. It’s just fun because you don’t have to chase balls that fly away like you do on a regular soccer field.

Sowing only with grass does not make sense

The ground around the stadium was leveled and leveled after construction work. Sowing with grass is still missing, which did not make any sense given the current weather conditions. Everyone can access the playground for free, just like the playground. The short-term closure was necessary in July because unidentified people and bikes walked on a newly installed artificial roof, which left visible marks and required re-work, according to the Althengstett building authority. Many young people who have already taken over and actively use their “playing space” will watch for the fact that it can remain open in the future.

The official opening of the Toddler Playground and Football Field will take place on September 3rd with a children’s party at the Oasis. TSV Neuhengstett will take care of a varied program with fun for young and old this Saturday, as will physical health.