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New faces on the board and in the club

New faces on the board and in the club

After a sumptuous dinner and well piety, President Roswitha Rusch opened the Appenzell Choir’s 93rd Annual General Meeting in the Restaurant Stossplatz. Maestro Beatrice Roach-Ott gave them a special welcome.

year in review

In the year under review, Roswitha Rusch reviewed the year of the association. Well prepared and totally enthusiastic, the choir’s motto for the month of May was “Switzerland Sings – Gossau Voices”. Under this motto, the choir participated in the Gosau Choir Festival and received a comprehensive and very good evaluation for the songs performed by the experts.

On the first weekend of July, several choir members volunteer in their traditional costumes for the yodelling festival in northeastern Switzerland in Appenzell in the “flag-waving and aortic-blowing” areas. In August the choir delighted the churchgoers in Wildkirchli and in November in the “Moritz”, in the Appenzell parish church, with its songs. During a tour of the “Goba AG” in Gontenbad, the choir members learned many interesting things about the history of the company and about the precious commodity that has to do with water.

He chooses

There have been some changes under this year’s election agenda item. Martina Ross (member), Fred Inauen and Paul Inauen (music committee), Margaret Koehler (entertainment committee), and Martina Eigenmann (auditor) have all tendered their resignations. The Chair acknowledged her and thanked her for her commitment to the choir. With much applause, Brigitte Dörg was elected as assessor, Franz Mittelholzer and Andrea Fahh were elected on the music committee, Heidi Fassler on the entertainment committee, and Bernadette Vincent as the new auditor. The other committee members confirmed their positions with applause.

Eight new entrants, only one exit

Fortunately, eight new members were welcomed into the Appenzell Choir. On the other hand, there was an exit. Under the direction of Bea Rütsche, 43 singers meet every Monday at 7.45pm in the Hofwiese. If you are interested, you are always welcome to take part in a no-obligation rehearsal. More info at


This year, Rafaela Bohe was honored for forty years and Bernadette Vincent for 25 years of loyalty to the club. As a small tribute and as a thank you, the president presented them with an “Öserix” gift bag with wonderful regional specialties as well as congratulations.

The President closed the Annual General Meeting with standing ovations. Now on to the fun part. The Entertainment Committee, in turn, prepared the compulsory assessment question. The task was to guess the number of descendants of the choir members in total. Through singing and intimate encounters, the camaraderie continued to grow late into the evening.