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New elections at the Voslau Carnival union: Michael Lauda gives way to women’s power

On January 10th, the Woeslau Carnival Guild held an Extraordinary General Assembly. Chairman Michael Lauda, ​​who had been in office for 12 years, along with his board of directors, announced his resignation on April 30, 2023. A new board of directors was elected early.

Bad Voeslau. From May 1, the new president will be Federal Chancellor Sophie Woczowska, who accepted the election with tears of joy. It is backed by an exclusively female presidency, which is – presumably – unique in the German-speaking union scene: Johanna Lauda is the treasurer, and her deputy is Karola Siefsek. Verena Sepstick is a member of the Guardian Advisory Board and the Social Media Advisory Board, Erika Schweiger is the Chief Financial Officer, Susie Schweiger is Vice President and Secretary with Katharina Ebner as Deputy Secretary.

(Still) President Michael Lauda:

“After 12 exciting, exciting and wonderful years, it’s time to hand the fate of the Carnival Guild into new hands. Young people are our future and I’m convinced this is exactly the time for that. The average age of our new Council is just over 30 years. Perfect to lead the Carnival Guild into the future Successful new.

The new future boss – Sophie Wushuska – practically grew up with the Carnival Syndicate. As early as 1999, when her parents left Bad Voslau in Lower Austria. Representing the Landgrave couple, Sophie and her brother were the youngest “couple of children” in Austria. Every year since 2003 she has been on stage with “Jungvösis” at Fool’s Fools meetings and in 2010 she was a founding member of 1st Bad Vöslauer Grafengarde, which she took over a few years later.

The “old” board (by the way, with an average age of almost 60!!!) is currently preparing for the 2023 carnival season along with the newly elected board of directors.

By the way, the 31st VÖSI Fool’s Day Meetings will take place on Friday, February 10th. and on Saturday, February 11, 2023, in the Thermenhalle Bad Vöslau. It starts at 7:11pm and tickets (NOCH) can be ordered at [email protected] or by calling the hotline 0664/55000 70.

Johanna Lauda (treasurer), Verena Sipstick (Guard Adviser and Social Media Adviser), Erika Schweiger (Financial Officer), Sophie Wuchowska (New Chairperson, Federal Council Member and Deputy Financial Officer), Susi Schweiger (Vice Chairperson, Secretary), Katharina Ebner (Deputy Secretary), Carola Sevgic (Deputy Treasurer)