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New easing in Loerrach

New easing in Loerrach

Starting Sunday, there will be a new relaxation in the Lörrach area. (Image: Keystone)


In Lörrach, infection numbers are declining again. For this reason, there will be other mitigation steps starting from Sunday.

Given the good development of infection numbers in the past 14 days, further mitigation is likely to be implemented in the Lörrach area from Sunday May 30, 2021.

Especially in the cultural district, where longer times can be opened up in the restaurant trade, a progressive plan provides relaxation, and sports facilities and fitness studios for entertainment and low-contact amateur sports can also be operationalized again.

Starting Sunday, the following regulations will apply in addition to the mitigation already in place:

  • Cultural events such as theater, opera and concerts as well as cinema and film screenings can be held with up to 250 visitors in the open air or 100 visitors indoors; This also applies to popular culture events (amateur music, theater) as well as trial sessions
  • Gastronomy is permitted from 6 in the morning until 10 in the evening.
  • It is possible to hold professional or professional sporting events with up to 250 spectators indoors and outdoors
  • In churches and on special occasions for the religious practice of churches and religious and religious communities, collective singing in closed rooms is permitted
  • Schools of music, arts, youth arts, dance, and ballet may operate with up to 20 students
  • It is possible to hold trade fairs, conferences and similar events with a specification of an area of ​​20 square meters for each person, as the minimum space for each visitor is related to the exhibition area that the visitors can access.
  • Sports facilities and sports facilities as well as fitness and yoga studios for close entertainment and amateur sports can operate at 20 square meters per person
  • Baths, saunas and similar facilities can now also operate indoors with a maximum of 20 square meters per person. Saunas and similar facilities are allowed for up to 10 people. Indoor areas for swimming pools, thermostats, fun and other indoor pools can be operated up to a maximum of 20 square meters per person.
  • Classroom events can be held at universities with up to 100 participants.