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New Credit Card - Migros Bank Turns Off Loyal Cumulus Customers - News

New Credit Card – Migros Bank Turns Off Loyal Cumulus Customers – News


The new Cumulus credit card is attracting a lot of interest, but there are still issues here and there.

Migros Bank has been issuing the Cumulus Visa credit card since July 1, 2022. Prior to that, Cembra Money Bank was the exhibitor. However, Migros dissolved a corresponding partnership. However, the old Cumulus Mastercard should continue to be used in the same way without any problems until it expires.

Migros Bank is now trying to get as many of its 800,000 ex-cardholders as possible to use their new offer. For its part, Cembra-Bank is trying to keep up with the next readily available “Certo Mastercard World” product.

When asked, both banks commented positively on the launch of new products.

If you want to collect Cumulus Points by credit card payment in the future, you can’t avoid applying for a new Migros Bank card online or via the app.

Refusal: “in individual cases”

Reports in “Espresso” show that things don’t always go smoothly. Couple contacted – old Migros customers and former Cumulus Mastercard holders. Your application for a new Cumulus Visa card has been denied. But they don’t want to tell them why. The problem has been reported several times in Espresso.

Necessary regulatory and credit checks are performed as part of the card application process.

“As part of the card application process, necessary regulatory and credit checks are conducted – not least to protect consumers,” Migros and Migros-Bank wrote “Espresso.”

In individual cases, requests may be denied – but these cases are not publicly commented on. However, Migros Bank promises to disclose the reasons to those affected.

This also happened in this case. The couple states that the reason was a cross in the wrong place. The application form asks, among other things, whether the money paid by credit card belongs only to the applicant.

Since he owns a mutual fund, the couple ticked “no” here. In doing so, they clearly violated a provision in the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

Annoying error message

Another problem: A Glarus man filled out his new Cumulus credit card application using the Viseca One app. It was about to finish: “Then an error message popped up.” Even after repeating it several times, it ended up in a dead end.

Migros-Bank admits that “in individual cases, registration via the app did not work immediately.” In the meantime, the problem was resolved. You have now also succeeded for this client.

and data protection?

Migros-Bank sends a receipt to the approved application as an email attachment. With all personal data such as income and housing costs. What about data protection?

The bank refers to its comprehensive data protection declaration and writes that customers will also consent to the use of their email address for communication purposes in the terms of use.

Data protection expert Martin Steiger has no objections to this approach: on the whole, data security is assured enough here, he says when asked by Espresso.