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New Carriers: Cathay is looking for Airbus A350F and Boeing 777-8F

New Carriers: Cathay is looking for Airbus A350F and Boeing 777-8F

Hong Kong Airlines is expanding its cargo business. Cathay Pacific is in discussions with Airbus about the A350F and with Boeing about the 777F and 777-8F.

Hong Kong’s Zero Covid strategy has also hit Cathay Pacific. Due to strict entry restrictions, air traffic to the Special Administrative Region as well as transportation has collapsed. This has severely affected the domestic airline.

Even freight traffic has suffered, as strict quarantine rules also apply to crews, sometimes making operations very difficult. But while the passenger business slowly recovers, things are already looking better for freight. In July, Cathy announced that it would resume flying on the full freight schedule prior to the pandemic. In May, the airline was only offering about half of its monthly cargo capacity before the pandemic.

Up to six new cargo trucks

Apparently, management also wants to invest in the shipping business. According to Bloomberg News, citing people familiar with the matter, Cathay is in talks with Airbus and Boeing to purchase new cargo planes. These are for the renewal and expansion of the fleet.

Hong Kong Airlines is considering purchasing an Airbus A350F or Boeing 777-8F, the freighter version of the 777X. Up to six new aircraft are involved. It is also said that the current cargo version of the Boeing 777 is under discussion.

Formerly a cargo fleet for all Boeing aircraft

Cathay currently owns an entire fleet of Boeing cargo aircraft. These include 14 747-8Fs with an average lifespan of about nine years and six extended range 747-400Fs with an average lifespan of approximately 13.5 years.