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New cabin: Virgin Atlantic makes small first class on Airbus A330 neo

New cabin: Virgin Atlantic makes small first class on Airbus A330 neo

The first British A330 Neo will take off soon. Virgin Atlantic brings some innovations inside – but it also offers features that are well known from other models.

In fact, it came out first class. Airlines are increasingly choosing higher class travel and investing in business and premium economy classes. This is also the case with Virgin Atlantic. The top tier is the British luxury product.

There will still be something first-class in the new Airbus A330neo, which will take off for British Airways from October. Retreat, the translated retreat place, is what Virgin Atlantic calls the two-seater at the front of the plane. The company’s most spacious suite to date, it features a bench that converts directly into a fully flat bed with a length of 2 metres.

More space, without window

Each suite is furnished with an ottoman that can be used as an extra seat. Up to four people can dine, chat or play games in the area. The suites are said to cost around £200 per route from the other Business Class seats. The only downside: the lack of a window as the seats are in the middle.

The upper class also received a promotion in other respects. Each Business Class seat on the Airbus A330 Neo consists of a lockable suite. Reminds us a bit of this Q Suite at Qatar Airways – except that all passengers fly forward. The suites are equipped with a do not disturb button, a seat that converts to a bed and a mirror.

Lounge for eight people

designed by Airbus A350 taken over as Loft. There is room for eight people. In addition to a refrigerator with drinks and a beverage dispenser, there are also 27-inch touch screens that can connect to Bluetooth speakers and charging options for electronic devices.

Virgin’s premium economy class, located in a separate cabin area, is – very cleverly from a marketing point of view – just called Premium. The burgundy seats, 38 inches or 97 centimeters, remained the same as on the A350. There are also wheel bolsters on each seat and a 13.3-inch touch screen with Bluetooth audio capability. There is also a wireless charging station in the seat.

The first Airbus A330neo in September

Economy Class passengers on the Airbus A330-900 can choose from 28 Economy Class seats that offer more seating space of 34 inches or 86 cm, and 156 Economy Class seats with 31 inches or 79 cm. The screens are as large as in the Premium Economy and are also Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled using a cell phone.

Of the 16 Virgin Atlantic A330 Neos on order, three will be delivered in September. The rest will arrive between 2023 and 2026.

Take a closer look at the seats on all classes of Virgin Atlantic’s Airbus A330neo in the photo gallery above.