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New beta version 10 of Tesla Autopilot disappoints high expectations>

Deadline nearly met: Shortly after midnight last Friday night in California, the first participants in Tesla’s limited pilot program known as FSD received an email with the information that the V10 is now available for download in their electric vehicles. Many took advantage of it that night and showed their first videos. But while Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously declared (not for the first time) that the latest release would be “amazing,” not all beta testers thought so.

Tesla wants to bypass the red light

Tesla’s FSD progress since then can’t be overlooked in new videos The first beta tests started last October to make. So you can see in several excerpts how the autopilot system adapts to complex situations with complete confidence. It turns left through large intersections or gives way to the right to an edge when oncoming traffic needs a portion of its own lane.

However, Tesla is not far off as planned. CEO Elon Musk himself admitted this. In fact, the V10 should be another big step in that all of its subsystems should run on the same software foundation. But on the highway, beta testers continue to drive with software that also controls the autopilot system for regular customers, Musk confirmed. It has now announced the integration of the next version 10.1.

In the first of the new test videos, the V10 made the mistake of correctly turning left, then entering the next lane. In another section, the autopilot system wants to drive through a red light before the tester stops it at the wheel. To him, the new version is “manifestly worse than 9.2,” the tester says and looks seriously underwhelming. In a half-hour video of City Drive, he lists a total of ten interventions and only sees improvements in two places (in the photo above, he had to reset manually because his Tesla didn’t realize the car wanted to park in front of him).

Awaiting extensive testing with FSD

Long rides have also been shown without any human intervention, but overall “amazing,” as Musk previously declared, the V10 doesn’t appear to be. It must mean that too Beta testing is open to all Tesla owners with FSD option in the US There is still a long way to go, it should start as early as March. More recently, Musk has been more cautious in this regard: First, clicking the declared “beta button” should ensure that the FSD software is loaded onto the Tesla in question at the next opportunity. Shortly before the V10 was released, the CEO made it clear that the pool of testers should only be slowly expanded.