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New Astro Bot?  The ASOBI team is planning something big for PlayStation 5

New Astro Bot? The ASOBI team is planning something big for PlayStation 5

Sony has ‘Studio Japan’ to start the new year donated in her name He later also showed a new logo. studio Now called “The ASOBI Team” And She is already actively looking for reinforcement.

What is the scheme? We don’t know yet, but the upcoming project should be the studio’s biggest project yet. you have it ASOBI team’s new website Reveals who entered the Internet and the studio presenter.


We are a new and dynamic PlayStation Studio based in the vibrant Tokyo, Japan. We create high-quality games for players of all ages on PlayStation. Our most recent work is ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission for Playstation VR and ASTRO’s PLAYROOM for PlayStation 5. We’re currently working hard on our most ambitious game yet!

Our ‘most ambitious game’ so far

According to its own information, PlayStation Studio is working on the “most ambitious game” to date. There is currently a VR title for Sony’s first VR goggles and Astro’s Playroom, a kind of miniature tech demo for the PS5 console.

Anyway, this tech demo convinced me and made me a fan of the Astro series. I hope it is a complete platform game. If so, Sony could develop something like its own alternative to Mario games here. I guess Astro’s game room doesn’t have to hide behind Super Mario.

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