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New approaches: United have to cancel two preliminary bids – because the authorities prevent it

New approaches: United have to cancel two preliminary bids – because the authorities prevent it

The US Aviation Authority is currently reviewing the airline's safety management. Due to increased oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration, United is not permitted to open new routes at this time.

There were too many coincidences for the US Aviation Authority. After United Airlines planes were involved in ten accidents in just a few days, the aviation authority took notice. Because of these incidents, oversight of the airline has been increased, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The agency said the increased oversight is intended to ensure United's compliance with safety regulations, hazard identification and risk mitigation, and effective safety management practices. It also means increasing the physical presence of FAA professionals at the airline. You will review workflow, manuals and facilities.

News only after the exam is over

The airline commented in a letter to employees that numerous safety-related incidents in the past few weeks had prompted us to “stop and check whether we can and should do something differently.” People are open to what the FAA finds out and how the agency looks at things we might need to change. The action taken by the Authority is not only unusual and unpleasant for the airline.

It also has very tangible consequences. The FAA has prohibited United Airlines from adding new routes until the results of a review, such as Gate First, are available Skift mentioned. Specifically, the airline cannot begin seasonal flights from New York-Newark to Faro planned from the end of May. She wanted to run the route four times a week.

Those affected will be re-booked or paid compensation

United Airlines is also unable to fly to Cebu in the Philippines at the moment. The airline planned to serve the destination from Newark via Tokyo – daily. The start of flights has now been postponed to the end of October. New routes planned for the winter are not affected by the ban. United said affected customers can request a full refund or rebook.