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New album 'Zayt': Rammstein is back on top of the charts

New album ‘Zayt’: Rammstein is back on top of the charts

Brute rockers from Rammstein have reclaimed the number one spot on the official German albums charts with their current record “Zeit”. The Berlin band sat around singer Till Lindemann in front of Andreas Gaballier and his new album A New Beginning, GfK Entertainment announced Friday in Baden-Baden. With their album “Zit”, released on April 29, Ramstein is now number one for the fourth time.

Like Andreas Gaballier, rapper Drake is also fresh – with his album “Honestly, Nevermind” coming in at number three. South Korean boy group BTS – the previous week it was still at the top of the album charts – followed by “Proof” at number four; There was excitement around the K-pop group due to an alleged breakup. British rock band Queen rounded out the top five with “The Platinum Collection – Greatest Hits I, II & III”.

Ballermann’s hit singles chart topped the chart: DJ Robin & Schürze’s “Layla” concert “excitingly” landed at #1, GfK Entertainment reports. The song “climbs to the top of the official German singles charts for the first time after a month of continuous improvement in performance”.

It is followed by Domiziana’s “Ohne Benzin”, Luciano’s “Beautiful Girl”, Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” and Harry Styles’ “As It Was”. British singer Kate Bush (63) recently stunned her surprise chart success. Her song “Running Up That Hill”, released in 1985, played the lead in the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and has been breaking into the charts since the release of the current season.