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Netflix: Will in-game purchases and ads come to games?

Netflix: Will in-game purchases and ads come to games?

Streaming giant Netflix has also been offering video games as part of a subscription for some time now. As one report shows, it appears that officials are now thinking about how the games can make more money. Ideas are unlikely to receive much love.

In short and without pain, Netflix management is currently looking at two ideas for its video game offering: advertising and in-game purchases. According to a report published by the Wall Street Journal, the reason behind this is as clear as it is simple. It's simply about money, the company wants to make the gaming sector more profitable.

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With all the following considerations, it must be said, according to the Wall Street Journal, that these are merely internal discussions and considerations. There are currently no concrete plans to implement these ideas.

When it comes to advertising, the idea is to show it only to users who have also booked a streaming subscription with ads. The exact form of the microtransactions is not clear from The Wall Street Journal's sources. But perhaps we can assume the usual cosmetic choices.

There is also the idea of ​​offering premium games in addition to the regular catalog. They should not be included in the subscription, instead you have to pay extra for them.

So, there are no new ideas being exchanged at Netflix currently. Advertisements and microtransactions are part of the daily routine, especially in the mobile sector. But that doesn't mean they're very popular, so the question is whether the company won't fall in love with these ideas.

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