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Netflix is ​​now also streaming video games

Netflix is ​​now also streaming video games

Netflix is ​​testing gaming in the cloud.


Netflix wants to expand its offering. Customers will not only be able to stream series and movies, but will soon be able to stream video games as well.

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  • Netflix is ​​testing cloud gaming in the UK and Canada.
  • For example, subscribers can play games on their TV.
  • Games run on Netflix servers and are streamed to devices.

Video streaming service Netflix is ​​taking the next step in the gaming business. The cloud service is now being tested in Great Britain and Canada, where games can be played over the Internet.

Netflix announced in a blog post on Monday that the aim is to test the technology and controller for game streaming. The test will initially run with a “small number of users”.

playing on tv

Only two games are initially available in the cloud trial. You can use them on TV sets from Samsung and LG, as well as streaming boxes from Amazon. Windows PCs and Apple’s Mac computers are also supported.

With cloud gaming, games don’t run on users’ devices, but on servers on a network – and data is sent over the Internet. The policy requires fast online connectivity with high speed and fast response times. Netflix should also help with years of video streaming experience.

Netflix entered the video game business a few years ago, but it’s taking its time. The service already offered subscribers the first games on smartphones at the end of 2021.