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Netflix creators can't find a suitable actor!

Netflix creators can’t find a suitable actor!

The makers of “The Crown” on Netflix are desperate: They can’t find a suitable actor for the role of Prince Harry.

The basics in brief

  • Filming for the fifth season of Netflix series “The Crown” has begun in full swing.
  • The life of Queen Elizabeth II was depicted in the hit show.
  • Choosing the new season turned out to be more difficult than expected.

the loveIntrigue and a lot of drama – im Netflix-Hit “The Crown” become life Queen Elizabeth (95) was filmed.

But for season five, producers now face a major challenge: they can’t find a boy who can play the role of young Prince Harry (currently 36). Reason: There is a shortage in the UK red haired actors.

Redheads are rare. Only about 2% of the world’s population has this hair color.

The last season covers the years 1990 to 1997 and deals with other matters Notorious BBC interview Princess Diana (36).

A TV insider reveals to The Sun: “The series bosses have incredibly high demands the actorThey want employment. Anyone who wants a role is settled through a long selection process.”

Now, out of desperation, they are simply considering coloring the hair of the Prince Harry actor. “You want to hire the right person and take all necessary steps to prepare him for the role.”

It is not yet known when the new season will start. British media reported that she will definitely go up next year Netflix you can see.

Do you watch “The Crown”?

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