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NBA - Westbrook is coming: LeBron James builds the Super Lakers!  - American sports

NBA – Westbrook is coming: LeBron James builds the Super Lakers! – American sports

They have one big goal together: the NBA title!

Lakers star LeBron James (36) and Anthony Davis (28) pledged after the reigning title-holder in the playoff against the Phoenix Suns that they would do everything in their power to bring the championship back to Los Angeles.

That’s why LeBron is now working on Super-Lakers!

The first huge change is obvious! With Russell Westbrook (32 years old) they have now found a third star. The point guard and friend of LeBron comes from the Washington Wizards. In 2017 he was the top player in the league, then with Oklahoma. The game maker has already said goodbye to DC. Officially, the change can only be made on the 6th of August. But everyone in the NBA knows they’re going to the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Times revealed that Westbrook, James, and Davis met at LeBron’s house two weeks before they moved in — and thought everything out!

Accordingly, the superhero trio decided on a common future and decided to subordinate themselves to the team and succeed. Westbrook, who grew up in Los Angeles, is said to have said he would come home to claim the title.

LeBron and Davis have reportedly discussed that they would be willing for the Super Lakers to change their positions. James will move from a small forward position, where he played most recently, to a powerhouse forward. Davis will go from power forward to center.

Against Westbrook, Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and the 22nd draft pick for 2021 go to Washington.

New Super Lakers

The Lakers also signed a young playmaker, McClung (21). He last played Texas Tech in college – and he’s an internet sensation! Videos depicting his mysterious and amazing works are hot on YouTube. He compiled many of his own videos and put them online – becoming very popular! He himself has more than 763,000 followers on Instagram.

And now there are huge rumors that the Lakers will also get Carmelo Anthony (37/recently Portland Trail Blazers). This is what ESPN offers.

Milo has been a great friend of LeBron since high school. What’s still missing a ten-time star: a nickname! The winger would like to have that with the Lakers!

According to the Los Angeles Times, Milo is just waiting for the Lakers to call…

However, the Super Lakers have a big problem: they don’t have enough players right now – and they don’t have money!

The club will pay $120.6 million to James, Davis and Westbrook next season. Therefore, free agents like Carmelo Anthony are in demand who are willing to forego salary – because they know they can be rewarded with championships in the Lakers!

According to the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers are also interested in bringing in DeMar DeRozan, Trevor Ariza, Andre Iguodala and Wayne Ellington.

By the way, due to the lack of coal, it is not very likely that Denis Schroeder (27 years old) will remain in Los Angeles. The German is said to have hoped the Lakers would keep him. He is said to be demanding a salary of 120 million for the next four years.

But the Lakers (formerly) Alex Caruso and Tallinn Horton Tucker will likely remain the cheapest (as with Schroeder, their expired contracts). Center Marc Gasol is also one of the few on contract for next season.

So the essence of the Super Lakers is there – now it’s exciting to see if the other transfers are great too…


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