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NBA: Tough allegations against LeBron James - because of Dennis Schroeder!  - American sports

NBA: Tough allegations against LeBron James – because of Dennis Schroeder! – American sports

Discusses NBA crash Dennis Schroeder (27).

The German turned down $84 million for a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in March, and now has to settle a one-year contract with income of “only” $5.89 million with the Boston Celtics.

It is said in the USA that Schroeder has been betting (for a long time) on the fact that the Lakers want to keep him. But instead, the team surrounding superstar giant LeBron James (36) has brought in other stars – and he’s no longer showing any interest in the point guard from Braunschweig.

American sports analyst Skip Bayless (69 / formerly ESPN) spoke on his show “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed” with co-host Shannon Sharp (53/former NFL star) about the “Schroeder case.”

Sharp ruled that Schroeder had failed because he “overestimated himself”: “He overestimated his own abilities. He should fire his agent—or himself.”

Bayliss: “I can’t disagree with that. You turn down an offer over four years for 84 million and end up with one year and 5.9. Nobody can defend that.”

Bayles is surprised by this statement:

“But I feel sorry for him. He was a victim of LeBron James. He was ‘LeBronide’!”

tracking: “The first thing he did wrong was that he didn’t give in to LeBron. His whole body language, his demeanor. His whole approach was, ‘I won’t bow to you. I’ll be right on the ground.’”

And: His body language was simple: I’m my leg. I’m not your man I’m my man. So I will not bow in your presence. I will not kiss your feet. I will not play you. I’ll play with you.”

Tough allegations against LeBron

What does Belis mean by that? Could LeBron James, who is strong in the Lakers, have made sure Schroeder would stay? That LeBron saw him in Los Angeles?

Bayliss’ comments are certainly causing an uproar in the NBA scene. Lakers watchers didn’t want to see any problem between the two superstars. Instead, LeBron often publicly praised Germans in interviews.

After his strong performance in the Oklahoma City Thunder, Schroeder was unable to meet the athletic expectations of him in the Lakers. Additionally, LeBron is said to have been looking to bring a huge star to the squad as a starting guard – so he could play for the title again.

it’s clear: Schroeder is now losing 78 million! The German is solely responsible for this.

His wife Eileen defends the decision on Instagram, writing vaguely: “I am so proud of my husband that he has been true to himself in this decision and is fighting for his goals and vision. I know not everyone understands this… I’ve always put money above anything. But Let me tell you: show more love, be patient and see what happens next.”

Statements that can certainly be explained in the direction of NBA expert Bayliss’ opinion that not everything is going smoothly with the Lakers…


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