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NBA Champion JR Smith goes to college at age 35 - to play golf!  - American sports

NBA Champion JR Smith goes to college at age 35 – to play golf! – American sports

He is now one of America’s most prominent students!

NBA-Star JR Smith, 35, started at A&T State University in Greensboro.

In 2016, Smith became the NBA champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In 2020, he won the title again with the Los Angeles Lakers. He finished his basketball career last year.

Now he’s starting again – and he’s made a fuss: because Smith wants to join the university’s golf team!

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The NCAA, short for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, has not decided whether the 35-year-old will receive a special pass.

NCAA rules prohibit an athlete who has played as a professional from playing on a collegiate team. The clause applies only to athletes who wish to compete in the same sport. From another sport is not the norm. This is now under investigation.

By the way, Smith has a handicap of 5 – a supreme value that naturally amazes all other college students. It started 12 years ago.

Richard Watkins, who coaches the men’s and women’s teams at Aegis: “This is a big deal for A&T. It’s a big deal for him. A lot of times someone in their position really doesn’t have a chance to have an idea, or a dream, or an idea, and be able to implement it.”

Smith is enrolled in liberal studies, and subject areas include literature, history, philosophy, and science.

Smith, who went straight from high school to the NBA in 2004, came up with the idea to go back to college after speaking to NBA Hall of Famer Ray Allen.

Smith reveals, “He won me over. We had a little golf trip to the Dominican Republic. We talked about challenges in life after practice.”

A conversation with NBA star Chris Paul, who just made the NBA Finals with the Phoenix Suns, also played an important role, according to Smith. Paul is the godfather of the Smith children and grew up not far from the university. Encourage him to take this step.


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