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National League: ZSC wins the second match in the qualifying series against Bell-Sport

National League: ZSC wins the second match in the qualifying series against Bell-Sport

With the beginning of the final third, Biel's hope of equalizing the series returned. In the 43rd minute, the Sealanders equalized the score at 1-1, and the hall was ignited in the meantime. A shot from Robin Grossman was deflected into the slot by Jeremy Barchi's stick and Scott Harrington's skate and found its way into the goal through the legs of ZSC goalkeeper Simon Hrubek.

Finally Zurich's strong defense was broken. But in the midst of the euphoria, Mike Kunzel made a huge mistake. He received a penalty kick in the 51st minute for tripping in the attacking area. The ZSC Lions, who used both superior positions in Game 1, were allowed to play the power play for the first time that evening — and they succeeded immediately. Derek Grant, playing in the slot, passed it back between the legs to Rudolfs Balser, who put the puck past Harry Sateri inside the net.

8 minutes after the equalizer, Zurich took the lead again. After just two cycles of the indicator they went one step further. After Dennis Hollenstein's preliminary work, Jesper Froden scored to make it 3-1. The New Zealanders never recovered from this double blow. As on Saturday, they left the ice as losers, and the Lions once again lived up to their role as favorites and made it 2-0 in the series. In particular, Bale has himself to blame for leaving all three power plays unused, while the Zurich team has managed to keep its majority success rate at 100 percent.

The returning Satiri looks unhappy

In the first third, the Belers had an increase in chances. However, the only goal was scored by the visitors from Zurich. Shortly after overcoming the outnumbered situation, defender Dean Kukan collided with Bale's third goal and slotted home the ball. This slipped through the hand of goalkeeper Sateri, who, unlike the first game, was given the advantage over Jören van Botelbergh this time, and went into the net.


Celebrate the interim 1-0

Black ZSC.

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Because of the defeat, Bale is already under pressure in Zurich on Wednesday. If the New Zealand side also lose the third match, the ZSC Lions will have played their first match on Friday.