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National League Tour - Ajoie finds his way back to victory - Langnau cheated leader - Sports

National League Tour – Ajoie finds his way back to victory – Langnau cheated leader – Sports

  • In Round 51 of the National League, Ajoy celebrated winning for the first time in 19 games. The Jurassic Black defeated the ZSC 3-1.
  • After 14 consecutive defeats, Langnau could celebrate complete success again. Defeated leader Emmental Freiburg 4: 2.
  • Davos, Geneva, Zug and Rapperzoil-Jona each receive 3 points each.

Ajoie – ZSC Lions 3: 1

Ajoie could still win the battered tail lamp. After at least 19 consecutive defeats, the Jurassic returned to a home win against the ZSC Lions. Two powerful theatrical hits by Jerome Gauthier-Leduc (29th) and Sebastian Wannstrom (47th place) allowed the 3,821 spectators in Brunttrot to express their joy. Maxim Noro had equalized the match in the meantime (38). It is no coincidence that Tahrir succeeded against the Lions of all places: the rookie team had already celebrated one of its seven victories of the season against Zurich in October.

SCL Tigers – Friborg Gutron 4: 2

Before the match at home against Freiburg, there was very little for the Langenauer team: with 14 defeats in the legs, the 12th team in the table had to face the seemingly overpowering captain – and they managed to do so with a 4:2 victory. Tim Grossniklaus gave Emmental the lead 13 minutes into the blue streak, Matthias Rossi (16) had a quick answer ready for the Saanestadt team. The Tigers did not allow them to be derailed by an equaliser, and thanks to a double-hit (36/38) by Harry Bisonen and Keijo Whipple, they took an early turn on the path to victory.

Davos 3-1 Lugano

Davos scored an important victory in the direct qualifying battle. Grayson trailed Lugano after just 5 minutes, but they were able to level the match in the first third thanks to a short kick from Dennis Rasmussen. After Rafael Brasil took the lead for the first time shortly before the half-game, he was a down man again in the final third with a 3-point lead for Davos. Goal scorer Russell provided a model for Andres Ambul’s goal.

Lausanne – Rapperzoil-Yona 2: 5

High efficiency on the one hand, poor evaluation of opportunities on the other hand should decide this match in the first third. Although Lausanne initially dominated the home game against the Lakers, Rosenstadt scored the goals: first, top scorer Roman Cervenca (sixth) escaped the Lausanne defense, and three minutes later it was Andrew Rowe, who completed a perfect counter-attack by the guests . with cold snow. The eastern Swiss team was not deterred by the goal of its host through Jerry Sikkak (25), and thanks to Nico Donner (40), he regained the decisive lead with two goals shortly before the second half.

Train – Ambri-Buta 8: 2

Zug finished Ticino Weekend with six points. After the away win over Lugano on Friday, the defending champions showed no weaknesses in the Gotthard derby against Ambri and celebrated their 11th win in their last 12 matches. Fabrice Herzog dashed last hopes of a point before the second half: the striker increased the difference to 4:1 per second before the end of the middle period. After a fifth consecutive loss, pre-match qualification for Embry became increasingly unlikely.

Geneva Servet – Bern 2:1

Even in the fifth meeting between Geneva and Berne, no more than five goals were scored – on the contrary. During the guest appearance at Calvenstadt, it was almost halfway before Berne top scorer Dominic Cahon (28) took the lead after great work from Vincent Brablan. But Geneva showed morale, and thanks to Richard’s Tanner (45th place) and a precise flick from Joel Vermin (56th), she turned the match up in the final third.