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National League showdown – Zug must be afraid – Ticino frantic derby is inevitable – Sport


In the National League, the battle for the last (pre) playoffs raged. Scheme before the last 2 qualifying rounds.


My path is of a final character

Umbry’s Daniele Grassi and Lugano’s Marcus Granlund will be hoping for a pre-match ticket.

Keystone / Massimo Piccolo

The full final rounds of the National League take place on Thursday and Saturday, after which it is decided: Who will make it to the knockout stage? Who will secure home advantage in the playoffs? Who will be eligible? And for whom did the season end?

6 Live Playoff Place: Training in first place

Servette, Bell, Rapperswil, ZSC Lions and Davos are already in the playoffs. It is still open to who can avoid entering the preliminary heats as the sixth. Three teams qualified:

  • Sixth move 76 points: Servette (h), Lausanne (a)
  • 7. Freiburg 75 points: Ajoie (a), SCL Tigers (h)
  • 8. Lausanne 71 points: Bell (a), Zug (h)

Thanks to its victory at home on Tuesday against direct rival Friborg-Gotteron, EVZ has the sixth place in its hands once again. Since 2015, EVZ has never been worse than fourth after qualifying. But the rest of the program with matches against clubs Lehman Servette and Lausanne is sharp.

The remaining game plan in Freiburg looks much easier on paper: Guteron meets Agoy and the Tigers, both of whom are confirmed to be in play. Finally, Lausanne will have to count on a double boost to reach sixth place. Vaudois will likely focus on strengthening their rank ahead of the play-off. It’s the team of the hour: no team has scored more points in their last 15 games.

Pre-Qualifiers: The Ticino Derby promises to be thrilling

  • 9. Kluten, 68 points: Lakers (home), Davos (away).
  • 10- Berne, 68 points: SCL Tigers (a), ZSC Lions (h)
  • 11- Lugano, 68 points: Ambry (a), Bell (h)
  • 12- Ambry, 66 points: Logano (home), Lakers (away)

Relegation danger was averted for Ambri after Tuesday’s win at Davos. Now Leventin is looking back at the pre-qualifiers, but they still have to overcome two opponents. First of all Lugano, she is a guest at the sold out Gottardo Arena on Thursday.

In addition to the Ticino derby, the remaining Bern program with predatory duels against tigers and lions also attracts attention. Mutzen really can’t afford to miss the playoffs again after last season. The announced departure of Chris Diomenico, who will be suspended at Langnau, also caused turmoil.

Measured by average points, Kloten trails Lausanne in the 2013/14 season and is the second best climber since the turn of the millennium. If Zürcher Unterländer makes it to the preliminary rounds, it will still be a surprise. The Lakers and Davos stand in Kloten’s way as rivals. Both teams are not only in good shape, but are also seeking a home advantage in the playoffs in a three-way battle with ZSC.

The rest of the program is in the playoffs

open box
Close the box

Movement Six (76): Geneva (H), Lausanne (A)
7- Friborg (75): Ajoie (a), SCL Tigers (h)
8- Lausanne (71): Bell (a), Zug (h)
9 – Gluten (68): Lakers (home), Davos (away).
10 – Bern (68): SCL Tigers (a), ZSC Lions (h)
11 – Lugano (68): Ambry (a), Bell (h)
12 – Ombre (65): Logano (home), Lakers (away)

Qualification Win: Servette vs. Bell

  • 1. Servette, 98 points: Train (A), Agoy (H)
  • 2. Bell, 96 points: Lausanne (H), Lugano (A)

Servette jeopardized the first post-regular season title with three losses from their last three games. In Biel it was just the opposite, three wins put the Cylinderes back together. Are the people of Kalfenstadt still closing the bag?